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Well I have gotten side tracked so here is what I have gotten done so far:

Plants And Their Purpose In Low Light Aquaria
-Brief Plant Anatomy
Lighting For A Low Light Tank
-Types of Bulbs
_b-Compact Flourescent
_c-Spiral Compact Flourescents
_d-Strip Flourescent
-Kelvin Rating
-Plain Gravel
-Layered Substrate

I need to get fertilization and CO2 in my table of contents then I will start working on the article itself. There will be things on what plants are good in cooler waters, warmer waters, ponds, what needs what, etc.

2,924 Posts
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Here is what I got so far:

My list of low light aquarium plants can be viewed on many websites. I am most frequent on The Planted Tank Forum and that is where most of the discussion on this matter is located. When I first began in the planted aquaria hobby I had no clue about what I was doing or what plants I can keep. I than researched and read until I had constant headaches and could not read any more. I then decided to put up a list of low light plants(one which was not very sufficient or useful) and try to help others. Now I have been acknowledged on other sites for this list that some have called "The Excellent List Of Low Light Plants". Hopefully this can be a full in depth read on setting up a low light aquarium and choosing the plants that are right for you.

Plants And Their Purpose
In the past, aquarium plants was not as popular as they are now. Noone knew the benefits of the plants in an aquarium. Aquatic plants have many uses that we as hobbyist appreciate.

  • Aquarium plants reduce the toxins such as Ammonia(NH4), Nitrite(NO2), and Nitrates(NO3). This allows fish that are sensitive to water quality to be kept with ore ease, slight overstocking of a tank, and easier tank maintenenece.
  • Breeding platforms are another use of aquarium plants. Mosses are commonly used in Fry or Shrimp tanks as the young inhabitants eat microorganisms and can hide out. Other plants such as Ambulia or fine leaved Rotala are a favorite for Labrynth fish such as Betta's and Gourami sp.
  • Oxygenation. Plants produce oxygen for the aquarium if they are healthy and getting the nutrients they need. This process of oxygenation of the water from plants has become known as 'Pearling'.
  • Live beauty. Plants add that natural touch to an aquarium that makes fish feel comfortable, us feel like we are being kind to our fish, and makes everyone happy.

Brief Anatomy
Coming soon
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