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Low light plants for any tank!

Shipping is $7.50 for USPS Priority Mail. Mind your weather as I don't have heat packs available.

Once you send me your shipping info with your order, the plants will be reserved for you.

Hitchhikers, minor algae, and stray strands of moss are all possible.

Java Ferns
[STRIKE]Java fern large clump (red star) - $3
Java fern small clump (orange star) - $2
Java fern 'Windelov' clump (yellow star) - $2.50 each (3 available)
All sold!

Anubias "nana" - $6 each (5 available)
These are large plants with 10-15+ leaves!
Anubias "petite" larger leaves (yellow box) - $4 (2 available)
Anubias "petite" smaller leaves (blue box) - $4 (4 available)
6+ leaves on all. The larger ones came from a tissue culture pack

Assorted mixed plants
Small Crypts - $1 each, $6 for all (8 available)
mix of C. wendtii, lutea, and undulata
Moss balls (dry golfball size) - $6 each (4 available)
Mix of willow, mini christmas, pancuraji etc. Anything but Java!

Extras and freebies- just ask!
Salvinia minima
Grows fast but easy to remove, tolerates current well
Rotala wallichii trunks
These are admittedly in bad shape, but mostly from snail damage. NOT FOR LOW LIGHT. Good roots yet few leaves.


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