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The AH Supply kits are good for one-stop shopping, but you can do just as well by piecing things together yourself.

Some ideas:

Some people overdrive regular old fluorescents by powering a single bulb with a ballast meant for several bulbs. All the supplies you'll need to do this can be had at a hardware store for cheap. VHO ballasts can be cheap, and you can use a VHO ballast to overdrive NO bulbs, too. has some nice VHO stuff.

You want to think about long-term costs if you expect the tank to be running for more than a year or two. With compact fluorescents, the bulbs are pricey. With an overdriven plain fluorescent setup, $3 bulbs from the hardware store down the street will work just fine.

Also keep an eye for used bargains. Check the for sale sections on reef forums too, but keep in mind the bulbs you buy from a reef keeper might not be appropriate for a planted tank (usually too "blue" in spectrum, i.e. high k ratings, and actinic bulbs are no good at all for planted tanks.)
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