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low light algae problem

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I've got ultra mega super low light right now and I've got algae. I want to up my light, but I'm kinda fearful that it's going to just run out of control, so I want to take some preemptive steps before adding more light.

Tank is 56 gallons, 30x18 and 24 tall lit by two F17T8s (24" long) situated centered (front to back and left to right) inside a canopy that keeps the bulbs about 6 inches above the water. Taking substrate depth into account the lights are about 27 inches bulb to sand.

I'm getting algae spotting on the glass to within about 6" of the substrate, and all the rocks are starting to get it as well. I've added root tabs (seachem), but that's the only nutrients I've got being added besides fish waste :)

Plants are looking okay but my hygro is getting a bit yellow (instead of dark green, its very neon), so I've gotta lock down what it's missing nutrient wise as well.
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How long do you leave the lights on? Yeah, get some nutrients in there, root tabs or liquid would work.
Lights are on 8 hours (2 pm to 10 pm) and there is no direct and very little indirect natural light (I had problems when this tank was set up as a reef, and adjusted the window coverings to block almost all the light).
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