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low grade CRS/CBS breeding in tap water?

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so i want to know has any one breeded and keep CRS/CBS low grades say A-S in tap water and have they breed and lived?
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tap water is different in every city in the country.

Also remember temps are a major key in keeping them alive. Hawaii people that have shrimp and breed keep them going in low temps 75 and below. No more. I breed shrimp in tap water 7.3 - 7.4 but I never go anything above that. I stop doing tap at my new house cause of copper piping. The copper was killing my shrimp.
I am not sure about the low grade CRS/CBS. But I gave some (6) of my S/SS CRS/CBS to my buddy and he breeds them with his tap water and/or sometime 50/50 Tap/RO water mixed. It seem like two of his female are berried right now, not sure if they will hatch successful or not for later yet. But the TAP water in our city is low pH like 6.2-6.4, TDS: 40
i'm not sure if my water pip runs through copper or not but my other neo shrimps are still alive tho so i guess not? lol but my take is really hard... i mean tds is in the 400-500 range -.- dont ask how my other shrimps servive cause i dont know... =P i have one mic CBS in the tank also and he is still alive and walking and eating well... in this hard tds water...
I used to breed a lot of mine in tap. My discus spawn in my tap. Its hard to answer that question though,because of too,many variables. You may have luck but you may not. RO just removes most of the variables and makes ruling out problems easy

I breed a to s grade right now. Use tap plus Shrimpy salt. But my tap has a tds of34-45 depending on the season

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your tap is 34-45 that is like RO water... lucky you...

also does any one have low grade A-S CRS/CBS? i dont see alot of these now a days only high grades
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