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loud sound

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ok every night at almost 9:10pm, lights turn off at 9:00pm i have this loud sound that is coming from my tank somewhere. Could it be the lights cooling down, the refelcors warping or something. The first time i heard it i jump and started looking for water. did not see any and it has been like this for a while now. The lights are ahsupply 2x55 and one 95w. Could it be the co2tank? But the sound is almost always coming from up by the lights. But when i touch them they do not feel really hot. Any ideas.
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We arent going to be able to troubleshoot were the sound is coming from for you. You are the one there. If you cant just locate it by ear then start isolating possibilites. Shut off your lights early if the noise happens just when your light switch off, see if it follows it. If your CO2 is on the same timer than take it off that timer... Seperate each thing individually.
Yea i have done that and really think it is coming from the lights. i just wanted to know if anyone else notices a sound as thier lights are cooling off after turning off
I have a similar noise about 5 minutes after the AH 2 x 96w lights go off. Sounds like a contraction thing to me. Probably just something in the reflector/bulb holders cooling off. It's been doing this since day 1.

thanks thats all i wanted to know. I just put in the 96w one and that nosie made me jump the first time. glad to know im not the only one that hears a sound:)
It's just the cooling off of the bulbs...

Last time my normal output fluorescent desk lamps did that, I turned it off after finishing homework right before I slept...
Turned out that the noise was from the translucent cover. I took it off, it bothered my sleep lol
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