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Lots of tiny brown spots on plants

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Just a day or two ago, these plants looked perfect. The only change that's been made was a large water change, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. What might cause a sudden outbreak of these tiny brown spots? I have seen baby pond or bladder snails that someone sent me along with their plants, but I don't know if they could cause this?


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The gentleman who sold me the plants suggest they might just be adjusting to my lower tech tank from his high tech tank. I'm fairly new to planted tanks, so I have no idea. I do only have medium light and diy co2, so certainly not high tech. I'll have to look up diatoms...
That's not diatoms, it's a nutrient deficiency.Could be potassium, but i'm guessing its all of the above.

Likely the person you got them from is correct. They will get ugly, then the new growth will be what you keep, but it's going to take a while
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