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Lots of stuff F/S

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Hey guys I recently got a new tank and combined my 2 olds ones together so I have a ton of equipment and plants for sale. For the equipment items I would like to sell them locally.

Filter setup:
Eheim 2217
Lily Pipe outlet
Ista mixmax Large Co2 reactor
Toms Surface Skimmer inlet

Lily Pipe inlet

MA957 co2 regulator with Burkert 6011 Solenoid and NV-55-18 needle valve (low side gauge doesn't work)

5lb Airgas Co2 tank

Hydor ETH 300w heater

24" 2x24w AquaticLife T5HO

Marineland Accent Blue/white led strip

29 Gallon X high tank, background painted black

56 Gallon Column tank

(40) Stems of Blyxa
$1 per stem

(10) Crypt Wentii
$1.50 per plant

Riccia Rock

(2) Anubias Barteri
$3 ea (slight bba)

30+ lbs of black medium sized lava rock
$1 per pound

I also have trio of Empire Gudgeons avaliable for local pickup
$12 per

I am located in Bellingham Wa but would be willing to drive down to the Mt. Vernon area or up to the Canadian Border.