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Hello Everyone! Hope all your tanks are doing great!

Everything is grown fully submerged and comes ready for you plant and enjoy right away. Minor algae is possible but most things have none visible. Any snails that happen to sneak by are absolutely free!!

Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions. :)

This coming Monday is a holiday so orders will go out starting Tue the 16th

Shipping is $9.00 via USPS Priority

Get $5.00 shipping on $40+ orders

FREE shipping on $75+


Plants shipped on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Sat

Paypal payment

** Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. See bottom of page for details


"Please note there is an image limit with the new software, just shoot me a mssg if you wanna see a pic of something that doesnt have one :)

Clinopodium brownei aka Mint Charlie - Easy plant, can work low-tech, moderate growth rate

2.00 each / 7 for $12

Crypt Green Gecko - young rooted plants w/4-5 leaves

$6.00 each / 1 avail

Crypt Sprialis 'Red' - These are young rooted plants 6"-7" tall w/5-6 leaves.

$19.00 each /

Crypt Sprialis Tiger

$19.00 each - Pretty much the exact same plant as Spiralis red, except it is slightly more brown than red. I have to keep them in separate tanks to know the difference

Eriocaulon 'kannurense' - A rare Erio stem plant with a wide top and long whispy leaves. The tops can get 5"-6" wide under strong light. Its an easy plant but does need a low KH, 3 or less

$17.00 each / 1 avail

Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC) aka Dwarf Baby Tears - Thick rooted sod

2"x2" portion - $13.00 / 1 avail

Hottonia palustris

$3.00 each / 6 for $15

Hygrophila araguaia

$2.00 each / 7 for $12

Hygrophila balsamica -

$5 each / 3 for $13 / SOLD

Hygrophila odora

$6.00 each / 3 for $15

Hygrophila serpyllum - Round leaf carpeting plant thats still fairly new to the hobby. Easy growing, spreads like Glosso w/dime size leaves. Works low-tech. To plant, cut the runners in 3 node lengths. Bury one node and leave two sticking up. It'll take right off

12 nodes for $8.00 / SOLD

Hyptis laciniata - Brand new species discovered last year in Colombia. It creeps along the bottom staying low and branchy. The tops get yellow-purple-red depending on light.

$6 each / 3 for $15 SOLD

Hyptis lorentziana

$4.00 each / 3 for $10 / SOLD

Java Fern 'India' - Cool dwarf variety that gets about 3-4" tall. Minimum size will be a 2" rhizome w/4-5 leaves

$12 each / 1 avail

Limnophila aromatica 'mini'

$2.00 each / 7 for $12 / SOLD

Limnophila chinesis -

$3 each / 6 for $15

Limnophila 'Green Wavy'

$2.00 each / 6 for $10

Ludwigia polycarpa - This one is still fairly new to the hobby. Turns various shades of pink, yellow and orange depending on conditions. I keep it short so these will be young tops 3"-4" tall

$4.00 each / 3 for $10 / 6 for $18

Ludwigia palustris (aka L. sp red / super red mini)

$2.00 each / 7 for $12 SOLD

Myriophyllum sp guyana
(mini myrio)

$2 each / 6 for $10 / 12 for $18 SOLD

Myriophyllum roraima

$2.50 each / 5 avail for $10

Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' - Size varies, most between 8"-16" tall w/3-6 leaves

$7 each SOLD

Penthorum sedoides
- Easy plant that even works low-tech. You can keep it short like a capret by mowing it down and letting the stumps re-grow. Or can keep it as a stem plant 10-12" tall, stays vertical, not prone to lean or branch. Plants for sale are ~3"

$2.00 each / 7 for $12

Persicaria sp 'sao paulo'

$3.00 each / 3 for $8

Sagittaria cf. filiformis - A new species recently introduced to the hobby. Its native to Florida, grows slow and is well-behaved for a sag. Good scaping plant. Its a cool dark green with light colored new growth

$3.00 each / 6 for $15

Staurogyne spatulata - Nice big-leaved green stem that's still pretty new to the hobby. Easy to grow. Works well kept either short or tall. Its stiff and well-behaved, stays vertical

$3.00 each / 3 for $8 / 6 for $15

Tonina fluviatilis 'toucantins' -

$7 each / 3 for $18 / 6 for $32


Healthy arrival and your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If there is ever a problem, send pics within 2 hours of delivery and I will make it right.

Plants handle shipping very well, but please be mindful of your weather. If it is very hot or cold, make arrangements to bring the package inside as soon as possible after delivery. The biggest risk from shipping occurs AFTER the package is delivered.

I do not offer heat or cold packs because I feel like they arent necessary for plants. Cold packs are worthless after a few hours anyway. In six years of shipping plants all year round it's never been an issue. I'll make sure to provide healthy plants that are well-packaged, you make sure they get brought inside right away. As long as we both do our part everything should be fine in the 25-90 degree range.

You'll get an email with tracking info so you know when to expect. Can also do 'hold for pick-up'


Paypal payment - For fastest shipping use actual Paypal funds, eChecks or transfers will delay shipping until the money clears. (usually 3-5 days)


Thanks for looking, and good luck with all your aquariums!
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