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Kleiner Prinz Swords ~3-4” 3/$5
Susswassertang clump $3
Ludwigia lacustris 16 stems/$7 2 groups available
Crypt. Moehlmannii 5-6” 3/$5 2 groups available
Shipping for above $7/group +$3 for extra, email for exact pricing on more than two.
OR buy the entire above lot, all groups for $30 including shipping.

Crinum calamistratum 12+ inches $6 each 4 available Shipping $7 email for exact pricing if combo with other items.

Rambo Val 40+ plants $20
Rambo Val, 40+ plants per clump! No it’s not from the movie but from Chuck Rambo, famous cichlid dude who collected it in Lake Tanganyika several years ago. This is the cool plant and just might be the plant for you to keep in your Tanganyikan aquarium, if your fish aren’t diggers. When I kept it with 1.5 teaspoons of Seachem Tanganyikan buffer and 1.5 tsp of Seachem cichlid salts per 5 gallons of water (GH=13, KH = 14 786 ppm conductivity) I got a tiny perfect foreground plant only about 2 inches tall. It quickly took over an entire 3’ tank in a few months. Keep it with cichlid buffers and salts under Tanganyika conditions and it will revert back to a tiny 2” and cover your entire tank, like in this first photo. In my ordinary 125 ppm GH water, like it’s growing now, it gets 12” inches or more like in the second picture. Either way you decide to grow it it’s a very easy plant that does well in medium light, no CO2 needed. Shipping $7

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