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Alright, I am absolutely panicking!

We have had a 180 gallon well planted river bottom tank for two years. In this tank we have two plecos, a pictus cat, 6 mystery snails, around 20 shrimp, 4 dwarf frogs, 2 gouramis and 2 white skirt tetra. Everything in the tank is at least over a year old. We keep the tank at 78 degrees, and have a light on for 12 hours a day. Once a week I do a 25% water change, and I always test our water to end up with 0 nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. I dose with prime water conditioner when I do changes, and seachem flourish and C02 twice a week.

Cue the screw up. We decided it was time to add some new fish on Sunday. We went out and got 6 congo tetras, and 3 yo yo loaches because of a bladder snail problem.

The loaches are great, besides one liking to rapidly swim in circles all day. Yet as of this morning, all the congo tetras developed ich. 3 had died halfway through the day with holes in their undersides, and I am now left with one and no clue where the other two have gone. I called the fish place, and he told me it was because they keep their congo tank at 85 and 78 wouldn't cut it. I was very careful and took time allowing them to get used to the water.

But the worst situation is that one of the white skirt tetra lost his entire set of lower fins, and one of the gourami has six bloody deep patches on each side of his body. We do not have a hospital tank and have never needed one. I am absolutely panicking for our poor fish and have no clue what to do. I did dose the tank with API stress coat just now in hopes we won't lose our 1 year old white skirt and two year old gourami.

Advice would be much appreciated!
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