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I don't use medication for ich and more often than not the fish survives. If there are more than one fish with ich I increase to 80 or 82 degrees (depends on the tank), with yours at 78 already I would do 82. if you have gravel, do some gravel vacs, this is where the ich will stay for the most part. Try to do it in stages, I shoot for 2 degrees a day in both increase and then reduction when it's time to take it back down. Usually don't keep it at 82 for longer than a week.

pretty sure 78 would be fine for the Congos.

A lot of people believe that ich is just present in any tank that has had it at all and it will be forever moving forward, but doesn't make it self known until a fish becomes week enough to not fight it off. I have added smaller fish to tanks with larger fish and I think this alone can cause enough stress for the small fish that they contract or develop ich.

These are more or less personal experiences and thoughts. some I know are shared with others in the community.
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