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Lost some more (just cherries)

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I bought some (10) Cherry shrimp on sunday from a swap meet.
Brought them home and noticed 3 were berried. Figured i would split them up in my tanks. Put 4 in my 5.5 and the other 6 went in my 10 gal.

In the tanks i have african dwarf frogs, ghost shrimps, and some wild neos (i think its wild neos). Figured the cherries would be fine.

It hasnt been a week, and Im already down to 2 cherries remaining. :icon_frow
Cant exactly tell, but I am thinking the frogs are getting to them. But its not like they are out in the open. theres plenty of hiding spots. Lots of plants to hide in. And the ghost and wild neos survived with them.

Maybe next week I will set up a 2.5 gal tank for just cherries and let them colonize and only put the bigger ones in the community tanks.

Just bothers me. Bought them to help color up my tanks, and they were a $10 snack
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My best is the frogs got them. Shrimps should only be kept with other shrimps is the rule of thumb ;)
My African dwarf frog was also in a community tank with cherries and he frequently had a shrimp dinner.
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