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Looks like nasty eyelashes...

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There is some form of algae growing on the edge of some anubias, as well as the leaves of a couple other slower growing plants. It does not appear to be fast growing, as it hasn't spread over the last week or so. It is very dark (almost purple-black, rather than green), and looks sort of like scraggly eyelashes, or tiny pieces of hair (I'd say thinner than your average eyelash however). The oto in the tank will not touch the stuff, and it doesn't look as though the ghost shrimp have taken a stab either.

Just recently did a 25% water change, and the water looks visibly much better, but the algae is still there. I should also add that it is extremely difficult to pull off. I tried scrubbing leaves with the fish netting, and pulling off chunks, but the stuff is anchored on pretty nicely.

I'll try to get a photo if I can, but the stuff is very difficult to get the camera to focus on.
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sounds like staghorn...try a quick search to find other folks' remedies.

Here's mine: manual removal...or a 1:19 bleach:water dip. Either clip the infected leaves off...increase your co2...take a look at the EI dosing sticky in "water parameters" and see if you can get things back into balance.

If you choose the bleach method (its harsh)...don't dip the roots...just the leaves...wait for 30 seconds and look under a good light to see if the algae has turned

good luck
I think it is BBA
I think it is BBA
regardless...both are nasty and relentless if left unchecked...manual removal, or bleach will work immediately. Or an increase in co2 and balance in ferts.

A picture would be nice, if you could.
Not the best picture but take a look at the top of my Java moss. Is this the same stuff that you have? This photo was from a few months ago when algae took over my tank. I got out the Magnum HOT and installed a UV and the water has remained sparkling clear, but this same algae that you describe still grows and i'm finding myself trimming plants weekly.

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cayman...that appears to be BBA. Staghorn is a bit more distinct looking and each "strand" has a relatively thicker appearance than BBA. BBA should look like tufts of greyish to blackish hair...thick fuzz is another description.

The bleach method will work...but in most cases its a lack of CO2 that leads to BBA.
I agree GD..both stink...I just figured it was BBA because I always refer to it as nasty eyelashes lolol
Just snapped a new photo today of the algae. Anyone know what it is? Is this the nasty eyelashes that we were talking about earlier?

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top looks like staghorn (but unusually stringy)

bottom looks like BBA

most defenately staghorn. usually from lack of co2. in the meantime, remove every sight of it, overdose some excel, and invest in a way to get more co2 in there.
Well I went through and clipped off every piece of plant that had algae on it tonight and the moss was spot treated with H202 hydrogen peroxide via a syringe. The moss bubbled up pretty good, so i'm curious to see how it reacts to the H202. Also installed my HOT Magnum and will let it run for a few hours to pick up any of the small pieces of algae that may be floating around the tank. Hopefully after tonight I'll have finally defeated this stuff. I'm doing the Greg Watson EI dosage, have a constant 30ppm CO2, UV running and all other water parameters in the normal range.
most defenately staghorn. usually from lack of co2. in the meantime, remove every sight of it, overdose some excel, and invest in a way to get more co2 in there.
How can I get more CO2 in the tank? I seem to have the Red Sea 500 reactor working at it's peak efficiency.
is the co2 you have pressurized, or DIY?
is the co2 you have pressurized, or DIY?
\Yeah I have the Red Sea pressurized CO2 system that came with a reactor
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