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Looking to set up a very small 3-5 gallon planted tank, advice needed!

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Hey guys! Experienced aquarium enthusiast here, been building and running aquariums for nearly 20 years (getting old), and in the last 5 cut over to reef/saltwater 90 gallon. I miss freshwater sometimes, and do not have room for two full sized tanks. So looking for a very small, but heavily planted 3-5ish gallon tank that could fit on a bookshelf. I'm not so concerned about the vessel that holds the water, but the lighting requirements to grow REAL plants, not low light stuff, etc. I want a forest!

I would assume that it would be pretty affordable to find some intense focused LEDs that are capable of growing plants in such a small tank? I hope!? I guess my question is, what advice do you have for a small tank like this, and what lighting would you use? I've seen some of the fluval kits that come with simple filters and 6500k daylight LEDs, but i assume that will not cut it. Do you guys mod these kits with better lighting, or do more of a DIY assemble? Or are there kits to do exactly what I want to do?

Thanks in advance!
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for lighting I use a Fluval Sky light, all my plants pearl and are as healthy as healthy gets! and aren't low tech.
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