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Sorry, wasn't sure where else to put this as I'm unable to ship fish so I don't want to chance the sale/trade forum. And I'm not looking for money.

I'm looking to give up a mid-sized Knight Goby, female. She's a cool fish and I like seeing her squashed-frog face when I put food in the tank, but I don't feel like she fits in very well with my platys and guppies. I've only ever seen her go after guppy fry, and she's pretty shy of sudden movements and new tank arrangements, but she hovers around in the open pretty frequently. Preferably I'd like it if someone could do a pick-up as I can't drive, either, in the Monmouth County area. Obviously, she's free to whoever can provide a good home for her.

I've got a couple of corys, too. A Peppered, an emerald green/brochis splendens(I'm beginning to suspect he was just sent in the wrong bag, as he's starting to look like my normal bronze cory), and a Juhlii/Trilineatus cory(not too sure which-- my other two don't seem to quite match up with him, but I'm not sure which they are either). These guys I'd like to trade for some plants or a partial trade/buy for driftwood, if possible. I'd also accept interesting platys or guppies or a partial-trade/buy for some RCS. Same thing with these guys as the goby, for pick-up.

I uhh. Also have an Asian Bumblebee Cat, but I'm not sure if I'd want to give him up just yet. Though if anyone's interested, lemme know.
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