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Looking to buy java moss / monte carlo

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Hi all,

I'm here in Long Beach and was looking to acquire a small amount of java moss to tie onto rocks and some monte carlo to carpet a 24" x 13" floor. Any ideas of where to look or anyone have some I could buy off em?

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I got monte Carlo but not as much u want
Well it's probably more like a 12" x 12" floor or so once I add the rocks... going to be a sort of Iwagumi style setup. Don't need a ton of it.
Still looking, I have a bunch of java moss that needs thinned quite badly. PM me. Or email, or however it's done now. I've been away for a while. has monte carlo. You can pickup locally too in Irwindale, CA. I would msg them on social media they will usually give you a discount code or something if it's your first time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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