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Looking for WHITE rock for my 12g

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Hello. I'm starting out a new tank, and I'm looking for some white rock. Probably just one big rock in the middle and the surround it with plants. I have black gravel, so I thought the white would look cool.

Is there a white rock that is common for planted tanks? I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.


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Ya thats what I was gonna suggest go to ebay and buy a piece it should be cheap for a piece for a 12 gallon.
Texas Holey rock.
I think that has limestone in it,
and will make your water alkaline,
so it's best for Chiclids.
I was planning on putting a couple glo-fish in the tank (and plants). How will this rock be for them?

Thanks for the help.
i dont know if the alkalinity would affect the plants much but if you cant find a rock without limestone in it, you could get a white glass rock. Its basically a rock look alike made from glass and it comes in different colors. My lfs carries them but i just checked ebay quickly and that doesnt seem to have them.
Do you have a picture of that rock? I'm looking on the web, but can't find anything.

THanks! :proud:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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