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Looking for Websites like GLA

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I've looked through the forums and haven't really found what i'm looking for. I know about GLA's website and i'm looking for others like it for price comparison and other/new products at a better price range. If you could give a list of websites it would be greatly appreciated.
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I usually also comparison shop with, DrsF&S, ThatPetPlace, AquaCave, MarineDepot, Amazon, Ebay... depends on what I'm looking for. Linens n Things carries quite a few Seachem products for good online prices, for whatever reason. Not very many businesses cater exclusively to planted tanks, as we're a niche hobby. Orlando (GLA's owner) runs GLA as a hobby business on the side, I believe (super nice guy, I miss him around here! :) ).

Check out the forum Sponsors at the bottom of the main forum, too.
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