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Looking for water pump suggestions

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I had an $11 submersible water pump burn out on me in six months, giving me a heart attack and dooming my aquaponic box, so I'm looking for suggestions on a quality pump. I'm still working out the details of the setup - I was originally going to run a sump, but there are now shrimp living in that tank. What I'm looking to do is circulate tank water to tubs of hydroponic media where I can grow mint, lettuce, and other terrestial plants. Since it won't be the only biofilter for the tank (a 40 gallon breeder), I don't need or want a super high flow rate, but I may need to achieve a head height of 3-4 feet and definitely don't want to have another pump failure. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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many of the smaller power heads like the maxi-jet 400 will work up to about a 3" head. Power consumption is only 5watts.
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