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Hey all! I set up my second planted tank about a month ago. My other tank is low tech, but this new one I set up with pressurized CO2. I have no idea what plants would do/look the best in this 36 bowfront.

I'm running dual 24w T5s for now. Already have some dwarf sag, anubias, and wisteria. Just looking for a small plant pack with plants that would fit in good. Looking to spend $30-$40.


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I have these available
TiLudwigia sp. Red $1.50 per stem
Rotala Ramsoir Florida $5 per stem or 5 for $20
Crypt Jacobsenii partially transitioned to submerged $50
Polygonum Sao Paulo $3 per stem
Cuphea Ang. $1.50 per stem
Limnophila Sp. Green $2 per stem
Staurogyne Repens $1.25 per rooted plant
Micro Sword $1.25 per node/plant
Unknown type of Erio Very nice plant $20
Pogostemon Broadleaf $1.50 per stem
Limno. Repens $1.75 per stem (few)
Rotala Araguaia Mexicana $1.25 per stem
Elantine Hydropiper Reg. $1.75 per 1.5" runner
Elantine Hydropiper Mini. $2.25 per 1.5" runner
China Moss lg. golfball size portion. $7
Rotala butterfly type 4 $1.25 per stem
Diodia cf. Kuntzei $3 per stem (1) available
Several Microsorium Java Mini needle leaf, regular narrow leaf, 1 Thors hammer
Baby tears 3X3 portion $7 Monte Carlo 3"X3" portion $7
Pogostemon Helferii $2.25 per rooted crown
Pogostemon Red $20 per crown
Pantanal Red $4 per stem.
Aridium mini Green 1" rhizome portion $8
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