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Hello, fresh to posting but long time lurker of the forums
Looking for any feedback on my setup

it started with the fiancee buying a male fighting fish in a tiny little plastic bowl/tank then he needed a friend he looked lonely, then they needed a bigger tank it looked depressing, then we needed a bigger tank cause bigger is easier(i was told) now im playing around trying to get a bit of a eco system not sure lol

it has morphed into a bit of a riparium with the water level dropped 2 inches and the aluminium plants growing from the coral shelf and out through a gap in the lid

Will post photos tonight when i get home

Ph 7.8 -Naturally high ph tap water
ammonia just over .25
dosing 1 cap full of seachem flourish once a week
Tank been running for roughly 3-4 weeks
Water change 10% twice Weekly
10.5 hr photoperiod
nitrates ect not sure as havnt brought the test kits yet due to way over budget and angry fiancee hehe

Tank and Parts:
3 bags of eco complete substrate
200l ar850 tank
fluval 206 canister filter
sera flore co2 reactor
pressurized co2 with regulator and bubble counter ,1 bubble a second
Eheim jager 300w heater set to 28 degrees
remote ballast kit*2 for lights
hagen t5 tubes *4, 39 watt (2 hi growth, 2 color enhancing)

6 blue stricta bunches
2 amazon swords-not looking the greatest
5 bunches of hair grass, spreading nicley
3 dwarf green rushes (not true aquarium plants but giving them a chance)
2 Green rush (again as above)
1*suction cap acrylic coral plug shelf holding several aluminium plant stems out of the water, (leaves in air, stems in water)

small Pond snails, dunno where they came from
4 apple snails
4 tiny Siamese algae eaters
5 corydoras of differing patterns, 2 old 3 young
10 cherry shrimp, hurry up and breed you awesome looking things
1 male fighter moved him out of the 20l and into the big one cause the females ripped him to pieces he looked close to death but has perked up nicely

i have 2 female fighting fish in my original 20L tank, wanting to add them to the big one once the shrimp have multiplied and the plants have grown to give plenty of cover but not sure as the oldest female is the oldest and biggest fish we have and she hates our male with a passion

then i want to use my 20L as a shrimp breeding zone

Main Problems are:

i have green dust algae on the glass mainly on the back so not bothering me to much

i have had quite a bit of green beard algae (i think) in my hairgrass and green dwarf rush, but since i reduced my photo period to 10.5 down from 12.5 and introduced Siamese algae eaters it has almost disappeared

not sure on introducing my female fighters to the tank as they are bullies to my male who i think may secretly be a girl cause he is whimpy, one of my shrimp was sitting on him the other day

thinking hatchet fish for the top layer????

and need something colourfull for the middle if i decide not to add my females????

and something that is available in aus that loves to eat small pondsnails but not my big apple snails

and want to change up the riparium aspect by replacing some of the aluminium stems with something else???

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Betta splendens are not social fish. They do not get lonely. They are aggressive and territorial.
Being able to house male and female Betta splendens in the same tank will probably not work. Some females can be more aggressive than the males (as you have found out).

The rest of your set up seems workable. Probably fine tune things as it goes.

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I would ditch the algae eaters for a pair of bristlenose plecos and some Amano shrimp.

You are always going to have algae issues with the dwarf hairgrass and eco complete unless maybe you had a strong powerhead blowing right on it. Which brings up a question. How strong is your flow in the tank? I imagine it's quite low because of the beta. Hatchets could be fun. You could go with Killiefish if your flow is conducive.

Some neons or rasboras could be good for your mid fish.

Good luck!

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Photos are here, sorry for the delay been crazy busy

they were to big to upload here so they are on my imgur album link below
Aquarium - Album on Imgur
if that dosent work
BasiliusErrant's albums - Imgur and then navigate to my albums

Newest updates:
Every little spec of the BBA algae is gone, i can not find a single bit
Pond snails are still being crushed at around 5 a day
Added around 40-45 ghost shrimp of varying ages, size and sex, found a local who was breeding them and selling them at 20 cents each compared to the LFS that quoted me $7.50 per shrimp, i paid for 25 and he just kept pouring them in so lots of freebies
i also got off him 3 spider crabs (Amarinus Laevis) that have been bred through several generations in fresh water

Plants have taken off and are growing rapidly altho the hairgrass is yellowing a little bit
the aluminium plants are loving the hydroponics set up and are growing up through my lid

feeding 2 algae tablets and flakes each day
and 1 cube of frozen blood worms each week
i want to know the opinion of people that have blanched vegetables for their shrimp and snails, what works best what doesn't i want to keep their diet interesting and healthy

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I have blanched vegetables, but I learned from my LFS guy that specializes in breeding high end plecos to just buy a bag of froze zucchini slices. They are already blanched. They are literally no work, and cost less then fresh. Just drop a slice in your tank and call it a day. I haven't gotten anything to eat them as much as I thought I would. Mainly the plecos will munch on it for a little bit. Your ghost shrimp might like it. I have never kept them, so I do not know.
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