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Hey.... So, the whole covid mess in NYC (my area got hit particularly hard) topped off with unforeseen, nasty health issue has caused me to neglect one of my tanks -- just didn't have the physical energy to deal with it --- and I need to rebuild the plant aspect of it virtually from scratch. Thankfully the school of Endler x Guppies took care of themselves, so I don't need to replace fish, though I will need to add to their numbers for the sake of genetics.... But all the plants, save some Anubias specimens and a few Java Ferns, are a total loss. :crying:

What I'm looking for plant-wise.... Bolbitis, Wisteria, and Ludwigia whose leaves are green above, red below (sorry, I don't know the exact var. name).

Also looking for juv. Guppy and/or Endler culls.... Chance for you breeders to unload some of your unwanted stock that don't meet your standards, while saving their lives & making some money off 'em =) If anyone has unwanted/extra Platy fry, I would welcome some --- please, no swordtails! They don't have to be any particular type & I don't care if they're mutts ;) And because I'm rebuilding, I'd prefer sub-adult fish.

Any help would be very much appreciated....
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