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Looking for some new fish!

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Hey guys, swift and simple tonight.

I'm looking for some new fish for my 200L aquarium. It's currently got:
- 9 Neon Tetras
- 6 Black Phantom Tetras
- 3 Otocinclus
- 1 Bolivian Ram
- 4 Amano Shrimp and 1 Zebra Nerite

What new fish could I add? I want something colourful, medium-sized so I can actually see it amongst all the other tiny fish, something with personality and not the bog standard "guppies" or whatever. I was thinking about angels or kribs but I know angels might eat my neons. I've had gouramis before which were a joy but I may come back to them after I've tried something DIFFERENT.The tank is moderately planted (getting thicker) and the pH is roughly 7-7.5.
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How about three more bolivian rams? They're so much funner when kept in groups.
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