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Looking for Snails!!!

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Hello All~
I have just set up my very first planted tank, it's a 29 gallon cube running 2 T5HOs and a T8HO. I'm looking for 20-30 smaller snails to start off with. As of now we have 3 mystery snails but we needs to find a type that will stay small and breed in our tank. We will be adding 5-6 Pygmy Puffer to this tank in the next month or two and they need to eat snails to stay happy and healthy. I'm sure that someone out there has a "snail problem" and we would love to buy some of those snails that you hate so much! Our hopes are to have a heavily infested tank as soon as possible so that we can go get our new fishy friends.
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As an avid lover and keeper of pea puffers I have to recommend that you use snails as a treat for their bony teeth plates and not as regular feed. While some puffers seem to hate snails with a vengeance and will spend their entire days stalking them and lining the substrate with shells, it's best not to get them conditioned to only eating snails, because you will run out of snails; unless of course you have a breeding population of a couple hundred on hand to replace the dozens you'll go through weekly.

Try to get your puffers to eat dried shrimp by attaching it to a weight and fishing line to float it in the middle of the tank, or try brine shrimp, or worms, anything to keep them from being conditioned to only accepting snails.
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