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looking for paintball reg

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I'm looking to get a new paintball rwg for my nano tank. Preferably with a solenoid not expensive and fairly reliable and not have to be adjusted everyday. Any suggestions.
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From what I read the aquatek is a decent regulator. GLA sells a couple that are a bit higher end.

You could also build an inexpensive full size regulator and use an adapter. It'd be a little more expensive but if you ever think you might upgrade to a full size tank then it could go with you. That's what I'm doing.
I'm using the Aquatek mini and it's doing a great job. Although I can't really recommend something I've only been using for a month, if you ask around people either love them or have lots of problems right away. So far it's been excellent for me though, plenty of plant growth and a decline in algae.
I am still using my AquaTek even though the solenoid doesn't shut at night when the timer goes off. It crapped out on me after 4 months of use, good luck.
Yeah I have the atomic v2 for my paintball on my 55 already and I love it. It's super precise and I never have to turn it on or off. But if I was to get the aquatek mini I might as well go to gla for the price. Is there any other that can be considered?
Aquaticlife makes one as well. It looks pretty similar to the aquatek. If you're looking for a reg that's cheaper than the aquatek I don't think you'll find one. BTW, the GLA is almost double the price of the aquatek; I don't view them as substitutable goods.
I paid 160 for my v2 I think.
Yeah an aquatek is like $89 on the bay with tubing and a bubble counter. There's not really many options for paintball specific regs w/solenoid unfortunately.
I forget wat website I was on. New it was like 149
I forget wat website I was on. New it was like 149
That's just a fictitious list price. The street price is $89.
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