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Looking for one of those Glass Plant Bubbles

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I'm looking for a glass plant bubble, similar to this picture:

I am not really sure what these things are called, but they look very similar to the hanging mini terrariums for air plants and succulents. I saw one suction cupped to the side of someones tank in a picture (which I now wish I had bookmarked).

Anyone know what they are called and where I can find one?
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Search for glass planter orbs in the for sale section and you should see some for sale.
I didn't find any recent ones for sale. I'd like to have one for my 14 gallon betta tank. I think it would make a wonderful mid-tank hide out for my little dude!
As an independent artist, I can't beat the prices I just found online for these globes, but I can certainly make them. It would be very easy to customize them for specific tanks, including adding color or doing other shapes. My bettas favorite hang out is a cup I made.

I would totally be willing to trade for plants or other items as well.
There's a bunch on ebay too. Mini glass aquarium plant shrimp tank with suction cups

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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