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Looking for Old School 48" Single Bulb Strip Light

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Hey Guys and Gals~
Jeremy (my husband) and I are setting up a 55 gallon low tech freshwater guppy tank and we're looking for an old school 48" single bulb strip light. I'm sure someone out there has one of these kicking around... I know we did until we passed it on to someone on here that needed it for a similar project.... That'll teach me to get rid of I know they're pretty darn cheap but I figured I would trade someone a couple of plants for a working light that they're not using. We're in Biddeford and would welcome someone to swing by to do the trade so you could pick out some plants and or snails for your light! Below is a photo of what we're looking for, black would be great, if you have the wood tone one..... I can just paint it!
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