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looking for low-tech plants

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I'm starting up a few shrimp tanks and a Walstad-style tank, looking for any clippings anyone may have that they would normally pitch that I could take off your hands, or would be willing to part with for a few bucks. Please text me or PM me back on here, I'm in House Springs and work in Creve Coeur.
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I'll definitely hook you up as much as I can tomorrow. I'm tearing down a total of three vases (although one is so covered with algae that I don't think I can salvage anything). But in addition to the plants we've already talked about, I'll try to round up a few shoots of two of my favorite, easy-to-grow plants - crypt wendtii and dwarf sag. They'll be little rooted pieces, but they'll grow pretty quickly when you plant them. I think I have a couple small shoots of java fern floating around one of my tanks too.
Sounds terrific. I've had dwarf sag in the past, and loved it. Makes such a nice carpet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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