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CRI may be high but at the likely k temp of 4000- ish you are comparing it to an incandescent bulb not daylight
Spread is likey based on 120 degree beam angle.
Would not recommend it over an uncovered aquarium since you need to be fairly close to the water line. This is not restricted to this part. lamp.
Suspect usual watt rating games. Like bulbs are listed at 40w yet draw 20watts.
Using current "normal" l/watt diodes that's 100l/ watt
though the high red content will lower this.
I' ve seen actual lumens in reality for a real world 20w bulb (lusted as 40w) be as low as 500 lumens per bulb.
Lumens aren' t that important so on to the more important numbers.
It is possible that it 2 bulbs could reach about 50 par at the substrate in a 55. I doubt it is much higher though.

Longevity is questionable though.
Using relassy as an example they recommend no more than 5 hrs/ day to get a decent lifespan out of them. Fine print.

The electronics being in the shell is subjected to a lot of heat.

Other than that they seem perfectly useable.
Time and real measurements will tell.
I like to consider them " sprint" lights more than marathon lights, :)
Best sunlike full spectrum grow light - With 88 high quality(50,000 hours lifetime), high par value(96 μmol/m2·s at 12in) and high efficiency(actual working power 20W+-5%) LED chips
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