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So, after downsizing from 8 tanks to three and over a year ago, and rehoming a load of fish during a financially rough patch, I'm restocking my main tanks. There are several species I know I want again, including dwarf cories for my 20g nano, but upon visiting my LFS I discovered a number of previously hard to find species (hard to find locally) are now readily available, plus some "standbys" that I've simply never kept, so I figured I'd ask the lovely folks here for some input.

All tanks have driftwood hardscape and eco complete substrate. Local water is crazy hard, ph in tanks is around 7.2, no CO2, regular dosing of ferts, and all have been running stable for 2 or more years (though the 20g is getting replanted because I'm finally upgrading the lighting).

The tanks:

60g cube
Planted w/ Vallisnaria & assorted swords
2 adult yoyo loach
4 black khuli loach (might add a few more)
4 filigree bloodfin (plan to move to the 30g & increase to 7)
1 rubberlip pleco
Plan to add 2 or 3 schools of small community fish, possibly a school of glasscats
Plan to add a single or pair of "showcase" fish

30g cube
Planted w/ assorted cryptocoryne & java fern
4 brilliant rasboras (plan to move to the 60g & increase to 9)
1 male betta
Plan to add a second school of small community fish
Considering adding 5-7 panda cories

20g tall
Replanting w/ pearlweed, staurogyne & hydrocotyle
2 really old ember tetras (plan to increase to 9)
Plan to add 7 corydoras hasbrosus
Plan to add 3+ otocinclus & some cherry shrimp
Plan to add a 2nd & possibly 3rd school of nano tetras or rasboras

I want to get more fish that will school tightly, as opposed to the more scattered social behavior that is common in a lot of community fish. That uniform movement is just classy, especially in the 60g which can hold several schools. For showcase fish, I considered getting Angels again, but they would probably try to eat the khulis; small gouramis maybe?

The species below I've never personally kept, but can get locally now. The issue is I'm finding conflicting info online about the schooling/shoaling behavior, so hopefully someone who's had them can weigh in.

Some fish under consideration for the bigger tanks:
Lemon tetras (for the 30g)
Serpae tetras (for the 30g)
X-ray tetras (for the 30g or the 60g)
Diamond tetras (for the 30g or the 60g)
Harlequin rasboras (for 60g)
Taking suggestions for showcase fish that won't try to eat the tetras/khulis.

Less worried about tight schools in the 20g, but I would love to hear keepers experience on these little guys. I do want fish that won't hide all the time though once settled in (here's looking at you, galaxy rasboras).

For the 20g nano community:
Kubotai rasboras
Axelrod's rasboras
Green neon tetras
I'm open to additional suggestions; the LFS has been able to get a nice rotating stock of other nano fish.

Even though I still had a couple tanks running, I really have missed having full, lively, colorful aquariums. Figured this would be a good chance though to consider species I hadn't tried before, and this is the best place I can think of to get first hand info on them before committing to a whole load of new fish.
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