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looking for help...

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I have a 75 gallon tank with african cichlids and a large piece of driftwood
2- american swords
1- ozelot sword
I have a 2 red sea turbo units on a 12 hr timer and a 4 ft ship light with a 6700 and a 10k light.
the red sea units were just put in a 2 weeks ago. should i double the lights or change the unit to get a higher output. the tank is 18" deep.
they are in plant substrate.
please provide feedback so i can have a lush tank. Thanks in advance
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I am not sure what the Red Sea Turbo units are. Are these the DIY CO2 units? If so, they are insufficient for your aquarium.

What kind of shop lights do you have? Are they T12 or T8 bulbs (or perhaps T5)?

Finally, it is hard to have a lushly planted aquarium with the fish that you currently have, as most African cichlids are ominivorous.
Not sure which african cichlids you have but most of them love to eat plants so I'm not sure you'll get the lush planted tank you want.
Lighting is just fine for the plants. The turbo kits... are they yeast/co2?

Unless you are planning on growing a lot of stems and high light plants, those swords will be JUST fine how you have them now...
the red sea are CO2 with the venturi. they come with a premix but i plan on doing my own sugar/yeast mix. I have them set on timers with my lights for 12 hrs. the lights are 32 watt T8 ( Zoomed - Ocean sun 10k and an ultra sun super daylight. think that is 6700). should i add another unit so i have 4 tubes running? that would be 128watt totals, i know it isnt the 3 watt/gallon but i'm not trying to do a fully planted tank due to the fish that I have.
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