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looking for hardscape advice

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Hey Everyone!

I recently purchased and divided a 20 long for 2 bettas. It's divided with green mesh, which I intend to grow into a moss wall so the bettas won't see each other.

Anyways, because of the divider and moss wall, I don't know if I should make it one scape or two. Here are some pictures of the driftwood I already have in there. I'm also planning on picking up some more gravel to add some depth to the bottom.

Here's a picture of the whole tank:
Water Vertebrate Pet supply Wood Fish supply

Side 1:
This side is made up of 3 pieces. One in the front, one in the middle, and the tall one in the back.
Pet supply Wood Fish supply Plant Aquarium

Side 2:
This side is made up of 2 pieces that kinda lock together.
Water Fish supply Pet supply Wood Fish

I hope to keep the tank lightly planted with moss, java ferns, and anubias. Any advice/critique is welcome.

Thanks all!
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Thanks for the reply!

I'm thinking 2 different scapes, but both natural with driftwood and the same types of plants.

I changed around the driftwood on both sides, the left more than the right. Here's what it looks like now:
Pet supply Fish supply Water Rectangle Wood

It's half filled, too. I'm hoping to move the fish in today!
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