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I want to buy GOOD Bolibitis in decent quantity for a new 50 gallon.. NOT interested in measly little cuttings, species that don't want to be submerged, "baby leaf" or whatever.

Looking to buy $100 or so, give or take, from one person. I have terrible trouble finding good Bolbitis lol.

Looking for good quantity of CLEAN moss, whatever will attach easily to volcanic-type rock. Not interested if it's a species that sort of grows on top but you have to keep tying.... Looking for something that strongly attaches. IE: No Xmas. Not looking for anything with even a speck of algae. I got some moss with a tiny bit of green slimy algae and I could never get rid of it once it was in the tank.

Looking for E. hydropiper. Enough to start a good carpet that will fill in quickly.
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