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Looking for German Blue Rams

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What's up guys, I'm looking for some german blue rams in the jersey shore area, please let me know.
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If you want to do it online, check out this thread:

Or you can try Petco. I always see gbrs at one close to me.
thanks you, I've seen them around but, never really looking healthy. I will def look into this, thanks again.
No problem. I know of a few fish stores north of me worth checking out but nothing to the south. GL with your search.

oh if you're interested in other types of cichlids, shoot msjinkzd a pm and see what she has available if any
Yea, nothing that great around here. I've been to Absolutly Fish and Pet Shanty though up north.
You can check out Fish Hut of NJ in Saddle Brook (not far from Absolutely Fish). I know it's a hike for you, but they always have GBR's, Bolivians, Gold's, Electric Blues and Balloon Rams. I bought my GBR there and couldn't be happier. And the prices are great as well. If I wasn't stocked to the brim right now, I'd be buying more from these guys!
I actually ordered them online from the link above but, will def go check out these places when im in the area.
I would personally do Aquabid, I have ordered plenty of things from there and quite pleased with the results. (Just select a breeder close to us)

Now I live in North NJ and found plenty of good GBRs EBRs - I have 2 GBRs and 2x EBRS in my tank. LOVE RAMS

Petco (but you might want to shop around, sometimes the colors are not there) and I always prefer ones that are TANK raised!

That is why i would go with Aquabid.
I received 4 beautiful GBRs from this website
Mark and Matt the breeders were a great help throughout the process, definitely recommend them.
Yeah I give Matt & Mark 2 big thumbs up as well for rams I got an assortment and they all have wonderful colors and are healthy!
Fish Hut has had some type of Ram each time I have been in there..
tropiquarium had them. was there last night
The Holmdel Petsmart has some smallish ones, but they were looking decent yesterday.
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