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looking for female gouramis

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Anyone knows where In chicago can I get female colisa lalia (dwarf gourami), female trichogaster trichopterus(blue gourami)?

Im also looking for trichopsis pumila (pygmy gourami, sparkling gourami, croaking gourami) male female mix around 6 or 9 fishes.

I've tried looking online but they are either out of stock or the shipping is expensive.

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Can't help with those Sp.

What I do have is :
Belontia signata, Ceylonese combtail

I have an wild Adult pair that may or may not have spawned yet.

I have a wild Adult PROVEN pr. that have Spawned a few months ago.

Maybe 5-6 3mos old F1 babies 1"? long+ from the proven pair. I can pretty much guarantee you won't find these in any LFS. It took me 4mos to find them.

More cichlid-like than Gourami behavior. I would be will to meet 1/2 way. I'm downsizing the hobby and have a buyer for the tanks they are in.

BTW - These are B.A. fish, during the spawn the male took a chunck out of a Zipper loach. They are very protective of the bubble nest & fry.
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The distributor Sun Pet had female dwarf gouramis not too long ago. My LFS ordered them for me.
DogFish, Im looking more for the smaller variety of gourami, Have you been to the GCCA swap meet? do you see alot of gouramisin that events?

LeakyFilter, Im trying to get my LFS to order for me but its been 3 weeks and they have a new shipment but no news of the gouramis im trying to get.

Thanks for the replies.
I understand and these are NOT small...LOL

I say you would have better luck at a Greenwater club auction or swap. Which is good for you as they are usually on the S.Side.
Aquarium Adventure in Bolingrook usually carries female dwarf gouramis. I've bought a few there myself. I was there a couple weeks ago and they had quite a few.
Thanks Laura and trapperwolves.

Trapperwolves, were you trying to breed the gouramis when you got the female? any success story?
I had a male in an established tank for about 6 months. I added 3 females in the hopes the male would pair up. No luck-the male would chase the females from his side of the tank and go after them quite violently. I had to eventualy remove the females from the tank. I guess the male had established his territory and was unwilling to share even with a female.
If you want to try again allow the females to get gravid 1st. Then swap a little tank water between the two tanks to get the both male & females excited about each other. Them re-introduce the girls. I'd also do a little reshaping in the boy's tank to disrupt the establish territory.

Heat up, floating plants and water movement low.

Best of luck. There should at least be a market for the females as there are mostly males to be found for sale.
Trapperwolves, do you still have the female dwarf gourami? any plan of coming to Chicago i can buy it or trade it.
Sorry for not replying sooner-I just got back from vacation.

Thanks for those tips DogFish.

Newbie1985-I ended up giving the female dwarf gouramis away-sorry can't help you.
Blue gourami fry

I've just succesfully bred blue gourami and opaline gourami ! I have a bunch of fry in the tank now, and once theyre bigger will probably giving out most of them for free or get store credit in LFS
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