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Looking for CSR S, SS shrimp near Boston

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I am just starting out. I bought a Fluval shimp tank, 7 gallons.
All I have is a moss ball so far! lol…
I can't find nice shrimp anywhere locally, or branch wood,…or java moss.
ANyone know where I can get the things I need ?
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I'm sure those in Boston will chime in as to what stores out there might have what you need, but I know Aqua View in Northampton has it all...
I have crystal reds in malden but the question is since you are such a new member and say you are just starting out, how long has your tank been up and running?
What part of Mass are you in? I might be able to help you on the java moss front. Mine will probably need a trimming soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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