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.... aka African water fern. This form (in case I have the wrong sci. name):

Image care of internet search. No copyright infringement intended.

Doesn't have to be big plants. Would like both reg. & mini. forms. US seller preferred. Will need a 72hr. heat pack when shipping to this area (NYC).

Hoping someone can help me out... These are a gift to a friend who lost all the plants in their aquarium due to the extended power outages after superstorm Sandy and then again after the nor'easter a week later. The fish survived, but the owner has to deal with other priorities in terms of $$. Feel bad for the guy as his tank was the talk of the neighborhood and he's not likely to be able to afford restarting it any time soon & the fish he chose and loves are a type no one can or wants to take into their own tanks (school of 30+ Giant Danios that are 7+ yrs. old).... Hoping there's a generous Santa among yaz =) Other plants I can find locally, but this fav. species (he had a whole jungle of them attached to big lava rocks & driftwood) is very illusive .

Thank you for your time!
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