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Looking for Blue and Pink Ramshorn snails

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Hi since every website site that have Blue or Pink ramshorn don't ship to Canada and my LFS don't stock those. Is someone in Canada have Blue Ramshorn snails and/or Pink Ramshorn snails willing to sell me some ?

I'm from Quebec so via Canada Post this should do.
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Says they have Red ramshorn snails. Is this the same as pink?
I was able to find the red ones like the ones on Canadian Aquatics but i'm looking to get pink or blue ones.
Did you ever find your Blue Rams horn? I have some I could ship lol.
I only manage to get some "standard brown".

But i'm still looking for blue and pink. If you want to ship me some PM me i will give you my address and discuss how to pay you the shipping and all. I will be happy to host some at my home for sure !!!!!
I've also been looking for blues and can not find any
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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