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Looking for advice or opinions on diy nano tank

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So I’ve been keeping fish for a while now I have a few tanks I’ve aquascaped and Adore so much but I wanted to have shrimp or snails in a nano planted tank, and out of boredom and not having too too much fishfunds I created this contraption, I don’t know how much shrimp it can hold or if it can hold anything else and I have no clue on plants that will do good in here since I haven’t had plants besides bamboo once before. I also wanted to ask if the make shift Aquaponics filter i rigged up will actually work. It’s actually pretty neat and I built it literally mcgeivering and just trying whatever & this was the outcome. Hopefully someone can give me some pointers (never really did any diy aquacrafts before)
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First, the plants won't grow very well (the ones on top and any that you add into the water) because they need nitrogen and phosphorus which can be obtained from fish and invertebrates waste. I would recommend adding a nerite snail and maybe a couple of shrimp (neocaridina davidi), because it looks like you have enough space but you would have to monitor the water parameters, and more importantly because it's so small, keep it in an area where the temperature is not going to change too fast. If you are putting aquarium plants in I would recommend a small java fern attached to the rock (they are rhizome plants their roots stay above the substrate).
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