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Hey all,

So I am planning on setting up a low tech 2.5 or 5 gallon (havent decided yet, but lets assume I choose 2.5g) and I am looking for advice on almost every aspect.

I will list some questions below as well as some ideas I am having, but I really want you to have fun with this and give me a cool idea or a dream tank of yours that never came to fruition that may fall within the parameters I am looking to implement. Here goes;

I am looking to keep this project under $100 total that achieves the goal of a truly unique aquarium (not sure what that means exactly yet). Here is what I wont need to buy:
- 2.5 gallon tank
- co2 rig (I have a fluval nano co2 20g on hand)
- filter (aquaclear 20, seeded from my main planted tank)
- Substrate (I have 5lb of inert black sand, considering using it as a cap for something else or just buying a small bag of flourite or whatever you guys recommend).
- I plan to dose Flourish and Excel, and Iron since I will be buying the fundamentals pack sold by Seachem

Here is what I don't have that I will need to consider:
- Lighting
- Flora - looking for low tech plants that will thrive and that will fill out the tank well
- Fauna - thinking of shrimp only, not sure yet
- Decor

I really want your opinions here guys, as well as any tips or tricks to consider.

Running list (with links) of the items most highly rated by you guys which I will use in my setup as well as a price point for each item:

Ferts: Seachem Plant Pack Fundamentals ( : Seachem Plant Pack Fundementals (Box of 3 different 100ml Items) : Aquarium Treatments : Pet Supplies) - $12

Like I said I am trying to keep the entire project under $100, if possible that would be amazing. I realize however that a quality light could run me up to like $75, but I still think it is possible to achieve a stunning effect on a tight budget if we all pool our ideas and experiences together. Thanks guys; I hope this helps anyone looking into a nano setup that is looking for ideas/inspiration!

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I find that 10g tanks are often the cheapest. Spiral CFLs are the most inexpensive lighting and they work great on 10g tanks. Small internal filters are good for these tanks. Miracle grow with play sand does well and will keep you on budget.

Easy plants are dwarf sagitarria, cryptocoryne and hygrophilas. They don't need co2.

I think you could do all that for less than 75 $s.
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