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Looking for a reasonably close source for Nano fish

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Santa Cruz is great in many respects but really lacks a good fish market (not the kind you eat:icon_smil).

I'm looking for a good source for any nano compatible fish but specifically the following:

  • Chili Rasboras (or any micro rasboras)
  • Dwarf Pencil Fish (Nannostomus marginatus)
  • Dwarf Vietnamese Cardinal Minnow (Tanichthys micagemmae )

Maybe I'll have to resort to ordering by mail? A little skittish about that unfortunately.
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If you can drive to milpitas rick in milpitas has some of these (seach fish milpitas on craigslist and you should find is post about his current stocklist). There is also neptunes in milpitas which will probably have these. Also if you dont want to drive to milpitas theres AFA in san francisco which has a ton of nan fish and of course a lot of other goodies which is worth visiting. If you decide to ship, I have bout fish from msjinkzd multiple times and all the fish I have bought from her have been extrememly healthy and have had no deaths so far. Hope this helps!
I would also recommend Rick in Milpitas. He's a wholesaler of fish, but makes sure they are fully quarantined before he sells them to you. That's probably the closest place that will sell nano fish to you.... I myself travel from Berkeley to Milpitas just to pick up his stock because I trust it'll be healthier than most chain stores.
Where is this rick you speak of? I would love to get a hold of him for species. i'm still looking for fish!
Thanks preston and iamiskool. Two endorsements is enough for me. It was always a folly to think I wouldn't have to drive far lol.

It's either Milpitas or pick some up when I drive back down to LA again - Milpitas is better the better option.
I vote Neptune aquatics. By far one of the beat in terms of quality and variety. As well as a staff who is very knowledgeable friendly and reasonably priced.
one of our forum sponsors, msjinkzd, specializes in nano fish. she has very good reviews on the packages she has shipped. check her out in the sponsors forum under Invertebrates by Msjinkzd
James and everyone else that is interested in Rick, PM me and I will send you his craigslist ad. I don't know if we can post links to craigslist on the forums, so I'll just do it through PM.
I've bought from Rick before and his fish is healthy. Just a bit of a pain because he runs it out of his garage and you have to call ahead to make sure he's home.
Well looks I got in touch with him - nice guy. Unfortunately he doesn't have the fish I listed in stock. The web is cornering me! lol

Although he did get back to me, I noticed on his site that the latest shipment listed is titled "October" I'm wondering how up to date it is. Maybe he sends updated ones through email primarily?

Thanks for all of yours input.
He updates the site very rarely. Usually you'll see his ads on craigslist- or if you subscribe to his mailing list, you'll get emails about his new stocks.

I've personally bought vietnamese white clouds from him about a year ago, and I've seen him get chili rasboras. Just request it and he might be able to stock them next shipment.
Roger that prestonplantedtanks. Appreciate the feedback!
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