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Started this thread over on Tom Barr's site, but hasn't gotten much traction yet. I thought I would try you guys out on TPT to weigh in.

I'm in completely uncharted waters for my knowledge base of planted tanks so far. I was presented a golden opportunity to snag an ATI fixture on the cheap. Hoping you guys can give me some advice on how I can maximize the use on this new fixture!

So I stumbled upon someone cleaning out their garage, and wouldn't you know it there was an ATI Sunpower 6x39w sitting in the corner. Jokingly I asked how much it was. I didn't expect them to come back at me with a number under $100 (after seeing prices online) with bulbs and hanging kit. The only caveat was it needs one ballast replaced, so only 4 bulbs work - but after seeing instructionals online seems very easy and relatively inexpensive. I'll likely sell off the bulbs that are in the fixture as it was built for a salt water setup.

So my questions to the group would be:

- Is the ballast replacement necessary, or could I run safely without replacement
- How many bulbs should I be using?
- Any suggestions for bulb combinations for someone on a budget?
- Hanging height?

The tank it will be over is 90 gallons, will have pressurized CO2, and will be fertilized - for obvious reasons with that much wattage above it. But I realize that is a lot of power for a small tank...

I plan on keeping this fixture to potentially be run over a larger tank (potentially a 120, to channel my inner Tom), but don't want to blow out the light levels on my current tanks. The only other tank I have had with more than low-light is my 20 long, with a Planted+ on it.

Thanks for your help guys!
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