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Looking for a Hillstream Loach in SF Bay Area

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Does anyone know where I can find a Hillstream loach??
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Bit of a trek but we generally carry them at Aqua Life Aquarium in Rocklin, right outside of Sacramento. We can special order them any week as well.
I think I've seen them in Albany Aquarium before, but I haven't been in there in a couple months, so no idea if they currently have them. might try calling them and asking.
Ocean Aquarium had at least one when I was there two weeks ago.
aqua forest has them and sometimes i see them at 6th avenue both in san francisco
Bought 2 at Pet Club in Mountain View. Yeah, it's a big box store and the tanks are a bit dirty. But I think of it as rescuing the fish. $4 each, can't beat that. Don't know if they have them right now.
Not criticizing your decision to go to Petco but every fish bought there just means more will be put in there place. Only by not buying any fish at all would they ever consider not selling fish. It's the same reason you shouldn't buy from puppy mills. As horrible as they are and no matter how bad you feel for the innocent dogs, buying from a puppy mill just keeps them in business.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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