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Looking ag AGA Aquascaping Contest entries - do they ALWAYS look so nice???

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I'm looking at this link:

And I am marveling over the gorgeous tanks in the contest entries. My question is ... do these tanks ALWAYS look so nice??? Or is it possible that some of these tanks get set up just prior to the contest with already-mature bunches of plants strategically placed for a flawless aquascape?

I mean, there's some top talent here, no doubt. But I have to wonder if any of these tanks are set up just prior to the contest with already-mature plants, or if these aquascapes are all grown from infancy and just fill in with time and judicious pruning. The only reason I'm even pondering this is because I look at my sparse tank (it's "young" and I'm still acquiring bits and pieces) and wonder if I can ever aspire to something so nice!

Seriously - do these tanks ever suffer from algae blooms and such? Or are these people so good at planted tanks that they have masterpiece creations from the start?

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From what I've seen in the photography tank journals on this site, yes there are many people who have tanks that appear gorgeous from month to month. I'm sure they give the glass a good cleaning and trim strategically, but it is what it is.
it is wat it is lol
if you read amano's articles in TFH, you'll see that his tanks start out with young plants and to get the final good photo, it takes months, and some tanks are years in the making (such tanks are generally planted heavily with slow growers like java fern that take a long time to really fill out nicely).

from what i read, most, if not all, tanks like that do takes several months of work before they look so nice. i would think that they would get at least a small bloom of algae at the beginning when the tank is still young and has not been fully established, but i doubt it lasts.

here, you can see some photos of such planted tanks in the making, from start to finish. these aquascapes were done by Filipe Oliveira, who won a prize in the ADA aquascaping competition this year.
Hey DF bobo, thanks for that link. I'm amazed... that guy is kneeling IN his tank aquascaping...

whew! I'll hope to be on the winning side of the algae battles, and anything beyond that I'll feel blessed because it's obvious that these show-piece tanks take dedication and effort.

All the more reason for me not to get ahead of myself and go jumping straight for the difficult plants and such!
I am certain some of those pieces have gone through bad periods like algae and greenwater. Some of the AGA entries are from members of this forum, so we can see the bad times ;)
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