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Hey everyone!

I've been lurking on the forum for years, slowly filling my brain with every tidbit of information I can find. First, let me say thanks to everyone for all the rich information and beautiful pictures. Every time I log in I find more and more inspiration and there is so much combined knowledge, I doubt I could ever assimilate it all. I'm really excited to try something new, so I just bought one of the 8.7g Aquatop Eurostyle Bowfronts from TruAqua and a Finnex FugeRay Planted+. I don't know what I'm going to be doing with it yet, though I will probably go high-tech since I want a carpet of baby tears (my girlfriemd loved them when I had them before so I made a deal with her, I get another tank, she gets HC to look at).

Anyway, after a recent cleaning and trimming, I thought I should finally share my tanks. I currently have 3 low-tech nano's ranging in size from 2.5 gallons to 5.

1. JBJ Picotope (3 gal)
Light: 6700K 13W PC
Filter: Stock picotope filter (40 gph)
Substrate: CaribSea Super Naturals Tahitian Moon Sand
Flora: Crypt wendtii, java fern
Fauna: 1x Female Betta, 1x C. siamensis (Siamese algae eater)

I used to have a beautiful full carpet of dwarf baby tears in this tank up until a few months ago. I went on vacation and asked a friend to take care of the tanks. Even though I showed him how much to feed and how to add excel, he overfed and never added excel. Needless to say, I came home to an algae farm, and the HC never recovered. I tore it out and re-planted, but it just isn't as nice without all that pearling HC.

2. Fluval Chi (5 gal)
Light: Finnex Epoch (26W 10,000K)
Filter: AquaClear 20
Substrate: CaribSea Super Naturals Tahitian Moon Sand
Flora: 1x Anubias Nana, Rotala Goias, Ludwiga Repens, Java Fern, Lace Java Fern, Java Moss
Fauna: 1x Male Half Moon Betta, 2x Olive Nerite

This tank is soon to be re-scaped. The driftwood will stay, but I don't know which plants I will be going with yet. I would have already re-scaped it a few weeks ago, but I noticed a flower bud on the Anubias. Since I have never had one of my Anubias flower before, I decided to wait until it's finished before changing things up.

Rare moment of Betta cooperation.

Anubias Nana Flower

Underwater close-up.

3. Aqueon Mini-Bow (2.5 gal)
Light: 6700K 10W CFL in stock hood
Filter: Azoo Mignon 60 (modified hood to fit)
Substrate: CaribSea Super Naturals Tahitian Moon Sand and Moonlight Sand
Flora: Crypt wendtii, java fern, lace java fern, c. parva, compact corymbosa?
Fauna: 1x Male Veiltail Betta, 2x Zebra Nerite

This tank is my oldest at about 8 years, and it's not very pretty. For a while it has just been used to keep spare plants so I saw no reason to scape it, but recently I saw a Betta at the local Petsmart that was nearly out of water in his container and had most of his fins rotted away. I talked the Petsmart people into giving him to me for free, so this has become his home for now. He is probably one of the ugliest Bettas I've ever seen, but he is definitely a strong little fish. The pictures look may murky and out of focus, but it's just the plastic of the tank which is pretty scratched up. The water is really crystal clear.

Does anyone know what plant this is? I can't remember at all...

Thanks for looking!


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All of them look awesome!
that's sucks that you lost the carpet on tank 1!
my favourite is either tank 1 0r 2
Good luck!
Thanks! Yeah, Im bummed I lost the carpet too, but c'est la vie I suppose. I'm really looking forward to trying HC in my new tank with a high-tech setup this time around.

Great looking tanks. Awesome Betta!
Thank you!

I appreciate how you rescued that betta. And hes not ugly, he has character :wink:
I hate seeing betta's neglected like that. He's a good little fish, and he definitely has lots of character

I like the anubias bloom. I have been trying to get some of mine to bloom, but it just hasn't work. Good job on your tanks.
Thanks. I wish I could offer some advice to you for your Anubias, but the truth is, I think I just got lucky.

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Please remove the siamensis algae eater, they grow to 6 inches.
Oh wow, I didn't know that. I guess that's what happens when I don't do my own research first and trust the folks at the LFS. I was told that it wouldn't get larger than 2". Thank you for pointing that out, time to start looking for a new home.

That unknown plant looks like an Echinodorus compacta. (or at least it looks like what Petco and Petsmart sell as compacta)
Thanks! I searched Echinodorus compacta, and eventually I came across this, Echinodorus parviflorus. Looks to be the one. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

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Ive heard from some fish keepers that they have never actually seen an SAE get to 6inches and yea that they only grow out to 2-4 inches but either way they get aggressive when they get older and are not that great at keeping algae in check so it is probably better to rehome him either way. If you want a better algae eater just get an amano shrimp! Great tanks btw!
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