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Longfin Rams spawning UPDATED: I HAVE BABIES

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I have finally manage to get these two to like each other and spawn. Woot!!!! Got these fishes from Fishman over the summer. The tank has alot of BBA and some Diatom from neglect. I was amazed to see eggs this evening when I got home from work. The tank is getting redone if/once the babies hatched/survive to juvie stage. Just thought I'll share. I sucked at taking pictures so I also included a video. btw my son talks at the 0:40 mark so don't jump. lol

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Beautiful Rams bro. Hope those eggs make it for you. I never had luck with Rams.

btw is "Fishman" a tpt member or an online dealer?
makes me want to try rams again,

but i got something in my tank that is killing everything but my endler guppies and my shrimp. every tetra i have tried in the last few months has only lasted a couple week, my water parameters ive had tested my self and two different stores with no problem.

ive got some type of bug in there i cant get see or get rid off

Nick is a TPT member- Fishman8906 or something (may not have the #s right LOL).
thats cool that they bred for you.
if you want to raise the babies then you would have to pull the fry when they start free swimming. rams are notorius fry eaters.

I just came home to my german blue rams spawning!!! Lol. This thread must have contributed some luck. I have only had these two for 4 days. Pretty shocking if you ask me. gH = 12, kH = 3, pH = 7.3, temp = 80 deg.

Big question is: How do i raise these fry in the same tank (20 gal tall) with a siamese algae eater, several neons and white clouds, and 6 cories!! not to mention the kuhli loach. What are my chances here lol..
Lol congrats. I'm in the same boat. Ive read that the fry are suppose to be move but I have no space so I'm just going to wing it. The other inhabitant in the tank are b.brigittae and ottos. I don't test my water so Idk in that portion. I wasn't prepared for this so I didn't build/set any removable clay pieces. Your cories might gobble up your eggs before you know it.

I'm just going to see if the parents can raise the frys by themselves. My only concern is my flow might be a bit strong for the frys. I might have to lower it a little.
Wonderful fish. I picked up a pair of long fins for my girlfriend here in New York, might be the same line. Try to fish out a few fry 3-4 days after they hatch and put them in a breeder net. My gf's got eaten by someone in the tank :^( Not a happy sight when 100+ fry get eaten.
Grats! I've never seen longfins locally. Those are some nice looking fish.
So just checked back yesterday on the little pile of GBR eggs and they were ALL gone. :( I am not sure if one of my other tank's inhabitants was the culprit or if the rams just ate them because they couldn't fertilize in my tanks water parameters. Maybe next time.
I'm guessing your cories make snack of the eggs. I did lose some eggs over the last few days from the parents eating it.

UPDATE: I have about 6 tiny little fries that I can see with my eyes. Man they are tiny! smaller than guppy fries. Let see if they will survive for the next few days till they're free swimming. They're too tiny to take picture of so sorry no PICS.
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