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Hello. I hope this is the right forum to introduce myself. I have been reading this forums for a long time, and decided to finally post.

For almost two years I have kept a Betta, bred and raised by my wife, in a 2 gallon on my desk, with a bunch of ferns, moss and assorted cuttings. As low tech as it can get.

4 weeks ago I started a new picotope tank in my office, it has yellow shrimp, dwarf crayfish, galaxy danios and MTS. The snails are the biggest critter in there. I have assorted plants, and the first glosso I've managed to get horizontal. I have a moderat case of red algae, but in my experience, once the plants fill in and by adding a little extra Excel, it will be fine.

At about the same time, I converted my ADA tank into a carnivorous plant terrarium. I left a small area for emersed aquarium plants, and it is working great. A tiny piece of Anubias nana rhizome is now a pretty cool plant.

Finally, 2 weeks ago my wife started a CRC tank at home.

Following are pictures of the tanks. Any advice, criticism and suggestion welcome.

Day 1:

4 weeks later:

A shrimp:

A galaxy danio, shrimp and crayfish. This fish are gorgeous, I need a better camera. The fish is about the size of the shrimp.

The filter. Anyone has experience with these? I am loving it so far.

Mr. Grumpio the home grown betta:

My wife's CRC tank, there is a cloudy biological film growing on the glass, I hope it clears up by itself.

ADA terrarium. Does this count as planted tank?

Emersed anubias nana in the terrarium


And finally, for scale, here is the crayfish, who is bigger than the danios or the shrimp, next to a snail:

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Welcome to TPT. Nice little tanks. You will find a helpfull and welcoming community here. I am sure you have read through alot of the sticky's here already being a lurker and all, but if you have not that is a good place to start.

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All: Thanks for the praise :redface:. I am just a lowtech beginner.

The picotope is the most advanced tank I have. No CO2, compact fluorescents from the hardware store, Flourish and Excel, that is all I do. My technique is to get as many cuttings from as many different plants as I can, put them all in the tank, and see what flourishes, what dies and what just barely makes it.

I will not add livestock to the terrarium. I am afraid the animals would be constantly triggering the Venus flytrap and the droseras, stressing and killing them. A small spider set up a web in the terrarium, and I am fine with that, she seems to be smart enough to avoid the traps. Also, the light attracts moths and flies at night, and the smell attracts fruit flies from when we leave bananas out in the kitchen. There is a lot of spontaneous, and VERY short lived livestock in there.

dthb4438 and waterfaller1: Regarding Excel and shrimp, I have read a few dozen threads, and the consensus seems to be that too much does affect the shrimp, but dosing 1.5x to 2x is OK. In other tanks I've had, once the plants fill all the space and go from growing like weeds to slow growers, the red algae stops spreading, and Excel actually kills it. But I have also overstocked all these tanks. Right now I have a 4 gallon with over 16 fish (cherry barbs, khulli loaches, red nose tetras, corydoras, ottos, bettas). Does anyone have experiences they want to share? I would hate to kill my shrimp.

: Thanks, I've read the stickies, but this being my introduction, I got a little overenthusiastic, I love to hear myself typing :redface:. From now on I will post my questions where they belong.

Thanks again to all of you.
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