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Long Island N.Y. CO2 Refills

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Anyone know of a place where I can refill my CO2 tank on Long Island, specifically Suffolk County? Thanks
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just use google maps, plug in your zip code,
click on Find businesses link and put
in welding or fire Extinguisher. good luck.

Google Maps

Quoted from spypet .
I'll try again. Any Long Island people out there? I found some fire extinguisher companies not to far but would rather just go to a place that others have gone to.:help:
I'm in Suffolk, but I trek out to Westbury to General Welding Supply. They refill which is important to me, since I have a shiny new cylinder.
That's a good question, I've started looking around the area myself, and it would be nice to know of some places that definatly fill tanks, not just a general search, and call. Mid-Suffolk here also.
Clinton Welding Supply Company Inc.

40 Jericho Turnpike
NY 11753-1004
United States

Tel: +1 516 334 1377
Fax: +1 516 997 3036

In nassau but it cost me 13 bucks to refill a 10 lb cylinder. they also have aquarium regulators available.
I really do appreciate the replies.:icon_bigg I was hoping that someone would post a good place to go in Suffolk but I work in Nassau and guess I can just hit one of those places on the way to work one day.

I guess there are not too may planted aquarium hobbyists in Suffolk County. If you guys are out there lets here from you. Where do you guys go to get your CO2 tanks filled?
Nassau is a trip, but I'm out there all the time due to other fish stores and school. So, its not to bad, I'll have to give that Clinton Welding supply place a try. mcd19 most of the beer distributors I've checked will only sell you CO2 with a keg of beer. I've yet to try any welding shops near by. There is a fire supply place in Kings Park/ East North Port, off of Pulaski rd.
North Shore Fire in Oyster bay

They have cheap refills, but you have to swap your tank
Suffolk Co2 Tanks Filled

Saw the post about a place in suffolk that fills tanks. Long Island Soda Systems in Bohemia has Co2. They are at 888 Lincoln Ave. in Bohemia by Cooky's Deli (Corner of Church St. and Lincoln Ave.) They are open Monday-Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm 631-589-2415. They will take your empty and give you a full one on the spot for $15. As long as they have them but they always do. They are very nice and saves the trip to nassau. Hope this helps!!!
Oh they don't have aquarium regulators or anything but they usually have the shiny stainless steel ones on hand to swap!!!
just look it up on google theres lots of places in long island
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