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long fin wcmm

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Does anyone here keep or raise long fin wcmm. i have read online about them and they sound nice but i see conflicting reports about tank size and breeding. is there anyone here who has them?
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I was at my lfs and was looking in to a 10g with about 200 baby white clouds in it. pry to be used as feeders. i noticed one with long fins. so i bought 5 and brought them home. they are now in a 6 gallon. they are still very small. but eating well. if i can breed them then i want the one with long fins to make it.
I don't have them, but I have done research to see if I could have them. Long finned anything will behave the same as their standard cousin, but swim with a bit more difficulty. WCMM love swimming room, so you'll want to look into a larger tank for them, about 15 gallons or more. They grow to about an 1.5", like temperatures of mid sixties to low 70's. They're not picky about water hardness. They like live plants, and are supposedly easy to breed. They also like schooling, so it's good you bought 5 of them. Also, they can nip and jump, but otherwise are supposed to be peaceful. Once your WC's are adult, feed high quality foods for a few weeks and keep the water around high sixties to breed them.
i know what the adults look like and how big they grow. the temps they like are disputed all across the internet (one site says 34-90). i have never bred egg scatterers before. its hard to believe that i need a 15 gallon for 5 fish. lol but as you say they do love the space. they swim very fast. they are kinda cool. i will watch them as they grow and see what happens.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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